Monday, September 6, 2021

TryHackMe Walkthrough: Linux Fundamentals Part 1


Task 1: 


Answer:No answer needed

Task 2: 

Research: What year was the first release of a Linux operating system?


Task 3: 

I've deployed my first Linux machine!

Answer: Start Machine. No answer needed

Task 4: 

If we wanted to output the text "TryHackMe", what would our command be?

Answer:echo TryHackMe

What is the username of who you're logged in as on your deployed Linux machine?


Task 5: 

On the Linux machine that you deploy, how many folders are there?


Which directory contains a file? 


What is the contents of this file?

Answer:Hello World

Use the cd command to navigate to this file and find out the new current working directory. What is the path?


Task 6: 

Use grep on "access.log" to find the flag that has a prefix of "THM". What is the flag?


And I still haven't found what I'm looking for!

Answer:No answer needed

Task 7:

If we wanted to run a command in the background, what operator would we want to use?


If I wanted to replace the contents of a file named "passwords" with the word "password123", what would my command be?

  Answer:echo password123 > passwords

Now if I wanted to add "tryhackme" to this file named "passwords" but also keep "passwords123", what would my command be

Answer:echo tryhackme >> passwords 

Now use the deployed Linux machine to put these into practice

Answer:No answer needed

Task 8:

I'll have a play around!

Answer:No answer needed

Task 9:

Terminate the machine deployed in this room from task 3. 

Answer:No answer needed

Join Linux Fundamentals Part 2!

Answer:No answer needed