Friday, January 29, 2016

FRIDAY MUSIC FEATURE: A.F.R.O. All flows Run Outward

I have to say this kid is an ode to the Hip Hop/Rap Flow of old. I know he isn't the first in the game to have an awesome flow but definitely something you can dig on. His vocabulary is phenomenal and his flow goes on and on. I saw a clip of him on Queen Latifah's show where he did a of the top random object freestyle. I thought he was good so of course I took to google with my interest and checked out his songs on SoundCloud. I can say I would honestly buy his album. I kind of got the Wu-Tang flow off of some of his songs and of course Wu is still my shit.

With a few more years under his belt he could be one of the top Hip Hop/Rap artist. I can't wait to see what else is coming from him he definitely has my dollar. One of my favorite checks that showcases some of the skill A.F.R.O.has is Code #829. The beat switches up right in the middle of the track and so does his flow.

He is definitely worth a check out.

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