Friday, July 22, 2016

Game Design, Its so easy, everyone can do it.

I read a game design article that said if you want to be a game designer then do it! Yes, that is right just do it. Anyone can be a game designer. If you have an idea and you think it could be worth putting out there then do it. Lots of people have made apps that have been download by thousands. So what makes a good game? What will sell or be a popular download? There's actually a lot and a little that goes into designing a game. Just take the mobile game 'Floppy Bird' for instance. It is an easy game to play but it is annoying at best. It was a good game I guess. it had a ton of downloads. People downloaded it because it was annoying or people saying it was a bad game.

So How come more people don't make their own games? Simple (for me anyways) it can be time-consuming, it can require multiple people to work on the game, it could cost resources that you don't have, & et cetera et cetera. However, there are many who brave the waters and create their own games. There are some who wish to be immortalized in the game hall of fame or what they consider it to be.

When you think about it, most people are players with variations on how they would like a game to be or just want to make the most awesome game ever. They technically would prefer to create the game without the hassle of making it. At least I would anyway.

Since we want to create games how do you start?

There are so many moving parts to games. Literally there is the idea, the artwork, programming and so much more stuff I am sure that I am missing. With that being said my first plan of action is to Brainstorm and work it out. That's right. get the idea out/ Make sure you put it down and work from there. Get the idea out and working on it. No matter what it is. Secondly, start to learn or develop gameplay aspects. Get more detailed. Expand on what your idea is. Then when it comes to production your can get into either hiring help, having friends work on the project with you or just DIY it if you are creatively inclined to do so. After all what's a game but a finished concept.

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