Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sold Out! House and ISP

Your information can now be sold by your ISP. The House has officially undone rules that keeps your information private. How you say could this happen? Read On:

How the Republicans Sold Your Privacy to Internet Providers

Monday, March 20, 2017


Iron Fist has emerged on Netflix as one of Marvel's latest Comic to Series venture. It has been well anticipated as well as a bit controversial on whether the series would live up to the other series. Many viewers insisted that Iron Fist main character Daniel (Danny) Rand be updated to be represented as a Asian or Asian American descent considering he is a martial arts specialist. And as One who has mastered all martial arts as well as the Iron Fist, you would think it is the way to go. In this live action series of Iron fist, Danny Rand is played by Finn Jones. Jones at first look appears to be a somewhat fitting choice for the character if we are sticking to the 1970s version character.

Personally, Jones acting is a bit rough in the sense its a bit unbelievable at times. The acting is just that, you can tell he is acting. The martial arts scenes aren't as fluid, they are some what slow. This could be due to choreography but again doesn't look/feel authentic. It is always possible that this will improve over the course of the development of the show but it can't said that holding out hope on this one will help.

The first few episodes are slow moving giving glimpses into what happen to the Rand's on their flight and how Danny came back. Iron fist starts out with Danny Returning from K'un-L'un. He immediately goes to his families company to find the Meachum's in charge. Danny interjects himself into the company, things go awry of course because Danny choices to do some good that ultimate leaves the company losing money, not to the liking of his board. He and the Meachums eventually lose their stake in the company. Early on, the introduction of some of the other characters into the series helps the storyline progress to hold your attention. He meets Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) who is running her Dojo in New York. (Colleen by the way has a interesting back story which is lightly touched on.) Colleen helps Danny out he eventually becomes in turn her love interest. She is actually an integral part of the story for this particular retelling of Iron Fist. She is more or less an operative not by choice but unwitting compliance assisting Iron Fist sworn enemies. Not surprisingly our favorite Marvel nurse Claire Temple (played by Rosario Dawson) assist Danny and Colleen on a few missions while fighting alongside the duo. With the introduction Claire, we are bond to see our other favorites such as Misty, Luke and Matt. However that remains to be seen. (I won't be recounting the entire show as it can be watched).

The show doesn't grab your attention right away, there is a lot of dialog which seems to be unnecessary at best and cloudy. Jones' version of Rand also leaves you looking for that fluidity and seamless martial arts display from the main character. When performing some of the fighting scenes, again, the martial arts choreography leaves you searching for more. This version of Danny Rand is lacking in knowledge. Danny studying in K'un L'un would mean he has more knowledge than the average person studying in one martial art. The issue is, he literally knows several if not all martial arts created but doesn't convince you of it in this first season. Jones Rand is outshined by many other factors as well. Supporting characters bring nuances otherwise not afforded to the show otherwise. Eventually this may be corrected by better writing and maybe some further martial arts training for Jones. And here's hoping.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Xbox and Windows 10 Gaming

Gaming on the windows 10 platform has become way easier. Microsoft implemented a great idea with the Xbox Play Anywhere. You can play your Xbox games on your console, PC, or stream from your console to your PC. 

Normally, Steam games are my go to when it comes to PC gaming (Side note: Steam has a ton of free to play games) However, I have not owned a console in a few years so it was vital to have access to all the games I played on the console. While most of the games are not currently available with Play Anywhere the ones that are, are the ones I tend to play.

If you are an Xbox 1 player who also PC games or vice versa, Xbox Play Anywhere may be the way to go. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

The next Wolverine

Who's on your list of Hugh Jackman replacements for future roles of Wolverine?

Looper is exploring the possibility of one of these gentleman picking up the mantel.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


There aren't to many movies that will make you feel what the characters are feeling. Or want to start crying blatantly in the middle of a guy getting his hand chopped off but Logan however is one of those movies. From the very beginning of the movie you feel pity for our lovable bad ass. He is at the end of his life and you can just sense what he is about to endure. Hugh Jackman did a phenomenal Job in creating the best version of wolverine we have seen for the last 17 years. It is going to be very hard topping this. Come to think of it, who would be a great replacement to fill those very large shoes? We will revisit this topic once again when the next X-men reboot is revealed. ( We all know its coming).

The movie starts out with some pretty brutal deaths and dismemberment. Logan is working a job he clearly hates to achieve a goal he will never ever see. The directors allude to some happenings with Charles Xavier and the other X-men who at this point are no longer living (or not in this particular timeframe). With the interest of everyone now peaked, we get a first hand look at all the fuss. X-23 is introduced. They give her back story with as much detail as they can since she is a child. She is much like Wolverine in most senses. She is a bit feral. For most of the movie she doesn't speak which again is true to the form of Marvel for this character. The character development for X-23 was well thought out and well placed.

Not to go to far into detail for those who have not yet enjoyed the movie, but it is a fitting end to Jackman's Wolverine and a beutiful beginning to Dafne Keen's X-23.
In super short, See this movie.