Thursday, June 1, 2017


MegaCon Orlando has come and went and was definitely a blast. I enjoyed every minute of it. There where tons of events as well as items to purchase. While I was not able to attend although three days, I was able to to attend Saturday and check out the vendors, cosplayers and events. Celebrities like Famke Jannsen best known from X-Men, Hemlock Grove, and Taken. Also a big hit, The infamous Tim Curry known for his role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, IT, and Scary Movie 2 was also in attendance. 

Vendors sold a wide variety of items from T-shirts to Various styles of replica and real weapons. 

Weapons, lots and lots of weapons.

There were many variations of costumes especial Deadpool. (Seriously, any version of Deadpool you wanted to see was probably there. And a lot of Spidey's as well.) 
Don't mind the lady walking by.

With out a doubt, any type of fan you are whether it be comics, any plethora of TV shows and genre's you will find it here

Here are a few of the pictures from the events and Cosplayers:
Coliseum of Comics

Jurrasics Park John Hammond

Replica Batman Suit
Replica Flash and Reverse Flash

Possibly my favorite
Time Travel anyone?

I wouldn't mess with this guy.

Even Stranger things

Test Your Might!

Professional Cos players also running around!

Iron Man
American Horror for you
Panel on Cosplay Makeup

All in all, this event was one of my favorites. I will surely be back!

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