Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Forest

Ever wonder what it's like to fight of Cannibals? NO… Me either. But if you are definitely looking for something in the survival relm The Forest is just that. In the opening scenes you are thrust into plane crash. Once you come to you have to figure out where to go and what to do. The hardest part for me in the game is basically the basics. Shelter, Fire, food, and water. Exploring the landscape is a necessity if you want to survive some of your resources won’t be readily available. You will need to look for them, build them and even scavenge them from nearby wreckage.

I did some exploring near the area and noticed cannibals seem to be interactive near the crater. Basically if you set up camp here you will be attacked and dragged off (learned this the hard way). You can play the game in several different modes. I played it in peaceful mode to get the lay of the land after playing it on normal and unsuccessfully getting beat up by some cannibals near that crater I was talking about earlier. One other big quilm I have with the game is the lighting. You are thrust into darkness if you don’t immediately build a fire and night creeps up. The only other light source you have is from the lighter, and the light from the lighter is definitely not sufficient.

You are provided a survival guide which serves two purposes. One is to provide with objectives and the other is to provide guidance and help with building. Honestly I do wish the lighting was better as well as some of the clear objectives. It isn’t as clear as you would think. Graphics for me are ok. The cannibals are more monolithic monsters versus actual people that are eating people. Overall I will keep posting as I progress through the game.

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