Friday, May 15, 2015


Music is the universal language.

Everyone loves some form of music, whether it be rap, gospel, hip hop, neo-soul, country or hard core Rock. Every once and a while I like to talk about some of our local artist trying to make a name for themselves. Anybody who has listened to any type of hip hop or rap knows it originates from your environment and from your experiences. With that being said, I want to showcase one young man that has a mind to make it in the industry that already has lots of heavyweights reining supreme.

I have history with this artist, actually family history, and have watched him grown from goofy kid to an evolved young man Working 2 jobs, going to school, and working on his full time passion. It takes a lot for a person to stay true to their first love. I believe Jay aka FACE has done this very well. Despite many who doubted what he was capable of, he has overcame the critics from this city and beyond.

Growing up in Baltimore wasn't and isn't easy. There are tremendous factors that are stacked against you from poverty to lack of guidance. Well Jay aka FACE has decided to take those factors and turn them into motivations. Being an Artist was an early goal that seemed like a distant dream. At this point it has become a reality that could rival some of our industry counterparts.

Nothing comes easy to a person who wants to succeed.

Now the mixtape that he has put together is pretty straight forward. It gives you what any mixtape you want to bump on your way to the club, work or home. Definitely "BALDUMORE" music that we know and love. Word play in each song is variable and on par with what we like to see in mixtapes. He has plenty of features from other artist on this mixtape such as Tattedupleo, Smitty da general, 1General Beatz, Jay NewTron, and 3-D. Each artist brings their own style to the songs they are featured on. ( please forgive me if I leave anyone out that worked on this project) The beats are indicative of a true mixtape anthem.

Each song has a different feel to it. Personally I like a few of a the songs on there that I play on repeat. A couple to watch out for and listen to in my opinion is:

No Way ft. 1General Beatz

Talkin Bout ft. TattedupLeo & Jay NewTron

Never Fold ft. 3-D

Still Love me ft. TattedupLeo 

For this young man I see collaborations and success.

Check out the entire mixtape on SoundCloud:

or on datpiff:

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