Friday, May 29, 2015


I get very excited when I hear good music. Now a days we have artist that sound exactly the same and I can't tell there music apart from the next guy. Imagine my surprise when I came across CJ Wills or CMD if you will. He is an Arizona artist (way of Baltimore).

I had heard a few of his songs before but didn't REALLY listen to the music.So when I happen to be scrolling my Facebook page, I saw one of his other songs he had done "Way Out". I clicked and LISTENED. Really Listened. As I listened I could only think, "this is different and fresh.". At that point I listened to all the music he had posted on SoundCloud. I enjoyed it! It wasn't your run of the meal artist.

My curiosity was peaked and I reached out to CMD:

(Conversation has been edited to reflect more of an Interview Style)

Dion: First I want to say I really enjoyed listen to your songs that you have up on SoundCloud. Positive, up beat and refreshing Honestly. I didn't really expect that I am not saying that as a slight or anything but seriously I have listened to a ton of local artist and it all sounds the same to be quite frank. I didn't get that with your music. So its appreciated to hear something that's worth listening to!

CMD: Thank you very VERY much! My goal has always been to push myself to make enjoyable and relatable music for all ages. As a christian and a father there's a limit to what I'll release.

Dion: Your write and record all your own music correct?

CMD: I do, I make all of my own instrumentals and compose my own beats, write, arrange, sing, rap, and edit all on my own.

Dion: What type of equipment ( just a general description will do) are you currently using?

CMD:  I actually have a program I found years ago called Fruity Loops, I'm currently using version 12. I record all of the music on a free downloaded program call Audacity, then I edit all vocals there, export it as a wav file, and I'm done! Then I make my own artwork for each song as well, sometimes I just post a simple pic, but I draw and do Photoshop as well.

Dion: Can you play any instruments?

CMD: I can't play any instruments confidently lol I am in the beginning stages of guitar (acoustic) but its rough to find time to focus on learning with having a full time job, a family, and many artistic endeavors already.

Dion: What music are you listening to now?

CMD: My biggest inspirations right now come from bands Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon, and Ed Sheeran. As far as hip hop, I love Lupe Fiasco, Childish Gambino, and with soul music I all over Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, Erykah Badu, and Lauren Hill

There is a certain level of appreciation for an Artist who is doing it all by themselves. There is a level of dedication that has to come with the artistry. While most just sit back and enjoy the music, there are the few whose grind hasn't stopped. CMD has definitely been working in this realm.

Now to my favorite picks:

Arizona Girl
Way Out
Hatin' On Me
I Am the greatest
TEN Feat. Layah Sade
Check CMD out on SoundCloud and the Newly Released Stamp of Approval Mixtape:


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  1. A little background from his grandma - As a little boy, he and his brothers, along with his mother had a gospel group called "All for Him."


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