Wednesday, July 29, 2015

MID-WEEK MIX UP: CJ WILLS: The Unpopular Mixtape

The Unpopular Mixtape has released. This is a 10 track mixtape with a bevy of lyrical content and interesting musical accompaniment. Lets see, CJ weighs in on his work.

Dion: You just released your mixtape titled The Unpopular. I can definitely relate to that title. How did you come up with that Title?

CJ: The title was super easy to come up with for a few simple reasons. 1, I truly don’t care for most people outside of my social circle. Naturally that makes it hard to get people to take you serious as an artist If they don’t know you, but I figured what better way to let people know who I am and what I can do than to put out one of the dopest mixtapes of the year?

Dion: There are about 10 tracks on this Mixtape. How did you select which songs to feature?

CJ: Man, truthfully I had about 17 songs I could’ve put on there, all brand new. I’m always working on something music wise because there’s so much to be inspired by! But I only wanted to do around 10 so people wouldn’t be overwhelmed with my voice, but at least they can get a good idea of my range of skills.

Dion: I have to say off of this particular mixtape I think 'Wayout' is definitely your single. It speaks to the hustle and determination you have for what you do. What was your inspiration for this track?

CJ: It’s gonna sound super unorthodox, but my motivations for this song were “Mighty Mouse”, WWE’s Adrian Neville, and the chip on my shoulder that comes from having all the skills to be a multi-platinum selling artist but the networking and marketing skills of a mom and pop tire shop lol

Dion: I know you mentioned before that you created all your own music, lyrics, & create all your own art as well. Do you enjoy doing all the work yourself? I mean it is a lot of work to produce 10 tracks with all 3 components Do you think you will get a chance to have anyone in near future working on this with you or is this your creative process?

CJ: It’s a lot of work, but that’s what I want. I want people to know that I, a grown man with a wife and two daughters, full time job, and a host of other artistic endeavors; I want the world to know I’m doing this all by myself. Anyone who offers help will not be turned away, but I’ve wasted enough time in my life waiting for people to come to my aid that I finally said screw it. I don’t need your expensive studio time or your overpriced overrated beats. I am a TRUE artist from start of the track to the art for the track, it’s all me.

Dion: You are gifted. I have to say we get a full range of your talents on this mixtape. On 'Against the Wind' You are singing as well as rapping. Do you prefer one style over the other? By the Way this track is very Melodic the Guitar is soothing.

CJ: Being honest I prefer singing to rapping because it comes to me more naturally than rapping does, but it also depends on the beat and the direction for the song. I’m versatile enough to just go where the music tells me to on some Pocahontas type stuff lol

Dion: Let's talk about 'Revolution'. That is one of the more upbeat faster tracks. I actually listened to this one during my morning workout. It is a motivational track for me. Was that your intent for this particular track?

CJ: Exactly what you said. This track is all about motivation. Fallen people, underdogs, luck is for losers, I won't let you steal my light, all of these lyrics invoke the underdog to punch the opposition square in the nose and look him in the eye as he goes down. Apply that to the workouts, to your job, to school, or to the devil. Hell, apply it to whatever you need, bottom line, no one pushes me around. I WILL make it. And when I do, I will stand on top of my mountain and laugh at the speed bumps that tried to slow me down.

Dion: 'Arizona Girl' and ' Kiss me like a bad girl' those are like your romance tracks on this mixtape? You mention on one of the tracks that you are married. Was your wife the inspiration for both songs or did you right them specifically for her? Both the tracks are definitely for the romantics.

CJ: As a married man there’s only so much “adventuring” I can do (lol) so all of my tracks about love are inspired by my wife in some way shape or form. I mean, I can’t say any other chick inspired them right? Lol just kidding. But seriously though, my wife would kill me. lol

Dion: Now that the mixtape has dropped, What can we expect next?

CJ: More videos, more open mic shows, more collaborations, and more art. Until someone comes around with the means to make some things change for me musically, I will keep doing what I been doing. Making good music, and praying that people listen to it. Word of mouth is 85% of marketing nowadays, so I need to somehow build that.

CJ has a show coming up on August 7th, if you're in the AZ area or just want to support him and his artistry, grab a ticket or a couple on. Tickets are $11:

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