Friday, July 31, 2015


Ever wonder what would happen if you had a genius writing music you could actually listen to? Ever wonder why the music today has no point and or substance to it?

I have pondered these questions more times than I can imagine. As far as I am concerned the music we have today doesn't have anything to offer except repetitive beats, "Cat in the Hat" lyrics, and everyone trying to sound different but sounding the same. There are a few artist that I will absolutely listen to on a regular basis to get out of the contrite "music" that we hear today on the Radio.

One of the best in my opinion is Brace Washington. There are several things you can definitely get out of his music. We have the witty & intelligent banter of the Lyrics, imperialistic beats, and diversity of topics. Braces' current LP Retrofuture is a delight for the ears. When you listen to it you can visualize the music or the story that the music tells rather. Braces' other projects are exceptional. BWI: the Travelers Mixtape & Before Heaven, After Suicide in my opinion of course, is a description of a way out into an prominent future.

Some of my favorite tracks by Brace are:

Baggage - Traveler's Mixtape
Dollhouse the remix - Before Heaven, After Suicide
Broke Boy Blues - Before Heaven, After Suicide
Police State - RetroFuture
SPACETIME - RetroFuture (This one is my favorite!!!!, It’s the HIT!)

RetroFuture official drops August 18th and Pre-Orders on iTunes on August 4th. Braces' music will be downloadable on music streaming medias such as Amazon, iTunes, Jango, & Soundcloud (except for Spotify). You can get your physical copies by clicking below to buy! There are only a limited amount. This album is worth the purchase.

Brace talents are not limited to just music. He has ventured into the realm of scripts, directing and acting. If you want to find out more, Check out his site or on facebook (Brace is also on other media platforms as well):

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