Friday, August 7, 2015

What phone should i get?

It's that time again, we all know it. Sometimes we look forward to it and other times well we just don't want to let go. For me it is about that time again. I have to upgrade my phone, although it is a good thing well I am not that interested in doing so. My current phone which is an LG G2 is still working fine without any major issues with the memory. But there are some draw backs to this phone. One of the biggest draw backs so far is that the battery tends to overheat! A lot! It was an issue before but now it is very much so an issue. When playing mobile games or just perusing Facebook it will cause the phone to and over heat. I love technology and is always excited by the new phones and tech that comes out, there is one thing I don't like is having to deal with my cell phone provider.

So it is coming down to the crunch time and I have to make a decision of what type of phone I should get. I am still a fan of LG and also like the look of their LG G4. I don't want to skimp on the bells and whistles as I use the phones features a much as I can. I like to find hidden gems and use them to their fullest potential. Samsung is up there as well and I think they have a good front runner as well. I am not against the iPhone or anything I just don't like the way it looks as far as functionality it seems to me, very basic looking. Not saying I won't ever get one just not at this point.

So this leaves one question for me to figure out what phone should I get?

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