Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Girl Develop IT! Baltimore

I love this group! I really do!
Here is why this is an awesome thing to have.

When I was growing up you didn't have that many women around that new coding or in the tech field. Call it my enviroment or just a lack of access or lack of opportunity. Either way you look at it, It wasn't quite there. Girl Develop It! Is an Organization that allows Women (and men, they are not biased based on the name) Come together and connect through technology.

I just recently went to a meetup were I met people with varied backgrounds. Either they had a ton of experience or none at all. They also worked in other fields as well but are looking to expand their coding skills.

For me this is a much need outlet to have others that do the same thing that I like to do and know what they are talking about. The phrase "Use it or lose it" applies greatly to the technology field. If you don’t practice your coding essentially you're going to forget it. Coding has one essential throughout each language. Structure and syntax. If you understands these you can essentially learn any of the languages.

Girl Develop IT! Has volunteers that organize the events for each chapter. They make each event relevant and unique as well as friendly.

I look forward to attending in the future! These events in the future.

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