Friday, July 8, 2016

More Shots Fired

I couldn't bring myself to write and post without first internally processing it. With all of the current shootings that have happened within these past few weeks as well as a couple of years, I would first like to give my condolences to the families that have been directly affected. I would not wish anyone to go through the heartbreak that has befallen the families involved. Lives have been lost that can not be returned. #PhilandoCastile #AltsonSterling

Our society today can't seem to grasp the concept of a life. With the invention of the camera phone, we have seen many incidents occur that we generally wouldn't hear about at all if it was recorded. Live streaming has been used as a tool to paint a story of the truth or a portion thereof. I have unfortunately heard many say if he would have complied he would be alive. Well, unfortunately, the young man who was legally abiding the law died anyway. What kind of message is that? Philando Castile lost his life while being a law-abiding citizen of the United States. Complying with all the orders given to him. Now, what?

There have been too many deaths by those who have sworn to protect. Of course, we are not stupid, we know that mistakes can and will happen after all they are human too. Please don't get me wrong as I believe if you commit a crime you should be held accountable for said crime just not an outright execution and slaughter in the media. However, we can not sit back and think that all of the shootings that have occurred are justified. How can there be law and order without justice? How many of these fatal 'mistakes' lead to coverup and denial? I for one don't have the answers to all the many questions we have but I sure as shit don't want to be the next question either. Trust is out of the window for many and little trust is given for the rest. Even the good will suffer the consequences of the bad.

We have seen too many deaths within our communities by our own.  It feels as if on a daily basis there is someone else losing their life to senseless violence/crimes. This warrants a conversation. We can't be on the sidelines while our own destroys us from the inside. How do we change this? Where do we start? There is much to be done and many to do it. 

Where are our champions that will stand for the injustices that have plagued our people in this nations for centuries? Slavery didn't just stop with the signing of a piece of paper to give our ancestors their freedom nor did it stop when the Civil Rights movement was in full swing. We Clearly see the new age Lynchings that are occurring on an everyday basis. Living in a constate of fear is no way to live at all. Just protesting and removing the black dollar from the economy is not enough to push our country into doing what is right. Support is necessary more than ever now. We either stand for each other or brace for what comes alone. No one will win that way.

We always say "if we don't learn from our past we are doomed to repeat it." What if that past that we are reliving isn't due to us not learning but rather us being stuck in a cycle of repetition by force? What then? 


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