Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pokemon Go!

Everybody is playing Pokemon Go! Well almost everybody I know.

If you have an smartphone you may be playing this game. Come on you said you downloaded for your kids but you are really downloading for yourself to play when their not watching. Don't worry no one is judging. It is actually beneficial for some of the people like myself who exercise but not a lot and need some motivation to get away from the computer for awhile. Why is this game so popular? Its like it came out of nowhere right? Absolutely wrong, Pokemon had been around for quite sometime. It was a game of my youth and hell even my adulthood. Not even going to lie. I was just playing Pokemon Omega Red on my 3ds a few days ago. It's a fun game. that is it. It's like a scavenger hunt just with weirdly named animals.

Here's my deal, though, I never purchase/download a game when it is first released. I just don't I usually wait a couple days or weeks just to make sure they have worked out some of the kinks that may not have been worked out in testing. I noticed when I went online about it, the game had a ton of server crash articles, rural error unavaliable issues, and sign up issues in general. I haven't had any of these issues with this game at all. I do live in a major city in the U.S. so that maybe helpful. The ratings right now in the app store are very mediocre right now but I would assume that would change once the issues have been corrected.

This reminds me of the Wii Sports games that were fun to play but didn't play all that often. I would assume this could turn out the same way but so far no complaints here.

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