Saturday, May 6, 2017


Free comic book day is here!

Check out your local comic book shops! for some of the best reads you can find.

It’s Free Comic book Day!

Each year there is free comic day around the country (probably more often than this). So I load up on all the comics that I love and also grab the ones that the local shops are giving out. Here are some Comics series I recommend reading both digital and printed (If you are fan of digital comics, Comixology has quite a few in there free comic section and Unlimited that you can read your fill of):

Current Reads:

Wonder Woman Earth One
Iron Fist
Ms. Marvel Vol 1.
The Walking Dead
Suicide Squad
Justice League Origin

Some suggestions:

I always try to read some of the odd comics that I don’t hear much about or well not openly discussed. Here are the ones that I enjoyed:

28 Days Later - This is one of my favorite series. I am a fan of the movie and this series of graphic novel did not disappoint.

Bitch Planet - I was a little put off by the title but the main protagonist in this one is definitely worth the read.

HP Lovecraft: The Dunwich Horror - I am always up for a good horror story so this one is par for the course. The dark details are what's most captivating for me.

Drop a comment and Tell me what’s on your top reads list/recommendations

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