Friday, May 5, 2017

GAME REVIEW: Resident Evil 7

Finally got around to finishing up Resident Evil 7. (I know, I know I'm late. Sorry, the procrastinator in me one this battle.) I played it on several modes (not all modes) just to get the feel of the game and of course get some of the missing items or replay a portion of the game that I felt I performed miserably. To be fair, I died countless times for what seemed like the stupidest reasons.

The game actually starts off similar to a horror movie, some random message from your girlfriend who has been missing for years apparently. You go searching for her and what do you know? You get trapped in a house with a bunch of un-dying crazies trying to keep you there and/or kill you. Playing as Ethan you have to make your way through the house then outside to "freedom" more or less.

Without going into too much detail for those who have not played it, I actually love this style of gaming for Resident Evil. I have played just about all of them and this is one of my favorites as far as game play goes. Let me explain why. 

First, with this Resident Evil you are not able to play in 3rd person, if you really want to see the view from 3rd person check out this Youtube demo. It is 1st person view all the way through. This I have read is to engulf you in the full concept of the horror genre/feel of the game. Not going to lie I jumped a few times, probably had some really bad heart palpitations due to the fact I was working myself up over expectations more or less. But I digress. Secondly, unlike some of the other Resident Evils which were more of an Horror Survival shooters, you can easily say this is Horror Survival Puzzle-Adventure in movie style. There are some guns involved but not an overwhelming amount where it detracts from the main premise of the game. Lastly, within this installment your primary protagonist is a Civilian. Most of the other protagonist have been police or worked/created by Umbrella in some fashion. There is of course the puzzle aspect of the game, figuring out how to escape the maze like house. Some of the clues are pretty obvious to get to your next objective and some or a bit more tricky. 

I do have to say the plot/ending was some what 'Silent Hill' -ish. basically (spoiler if you haven't played it to the end) a creepy infected little girl is trying to kill you for ruining her family, well the family she technically kidnapped. I was honestly thinking this was going to be a full on assault (didn't read any reviews before hand) by Umbrella Corps but no. I was not disappointed in having to fight the creepy hell spawn child. It is more than reminiscent to the previous Resident Evil monsters were they mutate at some point and try to kill you, but whats better than shooting creepy little demon children, right? 

Interestingly enough, you're saved but it it leads to more questions on your savior and what the hell he is doing with the infamous corporation who started this debacle in the first place. Overall, I am definitely going to play this game again. I will be playing the other  DLCs and any other release. Hopefully this will continue in the series versus being an ending to the series. 

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