Saturday, December 9, 2017

When to get off, google maps

Chrome remote desktop moves to the web

Friday, December 8, 2017

2018 Game Releases

2018 looks promising for gaming. There are a ton of upcoming releases to look forward no matter what the platform is. Here are some of TMS’s anticipated game picks for next year.

Release: Feb 27, 2018
Platforms: XBOX One, PS4, PC
Price: $59.99

Release: Dec 31, 2018
Platforms: PS4
Price: $59.99

Release: Dec 31, 2018
Platforms: PS4
Price: $59.99

What are you looking forward to?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The anticipation of Far Cry 5 is overwhelming. It’s nothing like a revolt to get the blood going.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2017

AFROPUNK Brooklyn, what an experience to behold. AFROPUNK put on a plethora of performances from Up and coming to well known artist. Vendors provided everything from clothing to food to hair braiding. There was so much love at this festival! Anyone who attended could have felt right at home. One of the largest Themes at AFROPUNK was NO HATE. Basically all are accepted and welcome as uniquely as they are. The environment was as welcoming, pleasant and just love.

The festival was slated to open at 12:00 but most people weren’t let in until close to 1:30ish. Being as though it was a bit late on the let in, I strongly suggest grabbing some food or a drink or two beforehand. The first performance attended for me was Leikeli47. I had heard her music before on SoundCloud and loved it. Seeing her live performance at AFROPUNK solidified my fandom for her and her artistic style. Other artist such as Sampha and Sza performance electrified the crowds. Soul II Soul and Macy Gray performed beautiful sets of familiar music. Jorja Smith brought some of her UK sound to swoon us.

The larger performances where the highlights of the nights. Solange (Saturday)  and Raphael Saadiq (Sunday) performed notable songs from their hit albums, (not together, although that would have been dope). Solange performed a few songs from her album ‘Seat at the table’. The area was simply put, packed to the brim with people wanting to get a glimpse of her beautiful performance. Solange performance was captivating and enthralling  Saadiq has written/composed/performed on quite a few of our favorite R&B hits on various artist including Solange’s albums. By the way Saadiq’s career has spanned over 30 years over 100s of records. During his set he did a wonderful medley with his band often going from vocals to various instruments and often stopping to appreciate the sea of bodies cheering him on.  Everyone who turned up to perform was by far all dope, other sprises included special guest who we were just as stoked to see were Talib Kweli performing ‘Get By’ and Miguel (although didn’t perform but was definitely a pleasant surprise.)

AFROPUNK was just the right type of setting, with the right type of music, art and love we expected and needed Over the weekend. Definitely looking forward to the next event!

Check out some of the pictures at the event at:


Tech Me Something

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Afropunk 2017

My favorites for "Afropunk 2017" are: Saturday, Aug. 26 • Macy Gray (5:45 PM - 6:30 PM) • Soul II Soul (7:15 PM - 8:00 PM) • SZA (7:30 PM - 8:30 PM) • Solange (8:30 PM - 9:45 PM) Sunday, Aug. 27 • Raphael Saadiq (8:30 PM - 9:45 PM) Favorites generated from the mobile app available here:

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The A.I. Take Over

We all have seen the movies. You know the ones that just so happen to display the world being ran by a robots who have suddenly or over time gained their own autonomy i.e. The Terminator, The Matrix, and iRobot. To date we haven’t had a world wide take over by our technological creations but it feels inevitable. Recently Facebook had to shut down there AI system because of its decision to make a “more efficient” language to communicate with other AI systems. Now that may not be much of an Alarm for Mark Zuckerberg but similar to Bill Gate’s viewpoint, Elon Musk simply thinks this is a bad idea.

I am inclined to believe Elon on this one. Elon has been heading up projects to transform transportation here on earth and in outer space. He has been in the business of Technology for quite some time. Both men have opposing viewpoints but what would happen if AI did take over? Would it be beneficial to the human race or would humans become the target of annihilation? Automation has been a goal of the human race since the dawn of time. Having benefits without having to lift a finger is well within sight. This could be a disaster in the making. Or it could just be what it is a big help.

Facebook shuts down AI system after it invents own language

Monday, August 21, 2017

Marvel’s The Defenders


The Long awaited Netflix series Marvel’s The Defenders has finally launched. Let the binge watching commence! 

Let me Preface this with I love to see the villains that Marvel introduces when adapting characters for screen. We have our main stay villains who are the ones we know and then there are villains that we don’t know as well. Sometimes these characters are created in the process of retelling of a story. And sometimes they are existing gems re-polished into dynamic characters. 

Sigourney Weaver is definitely one of those villains I love. She plays Alexandra Reid. And then we also have Electra who is not necessarily a villain but more of a villain's pawn (at first), The hand of course and some others sprinkled in there Alexandra is seeking the ability to get back to K’un L’un with her counterparts. In doing that she has to use ‘The Black Sky’ aka Electra. 

Converging on New York to stop an impending doom are 4 super heroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Immortal Iron Fist and our resident Bulletproof hero Luke Cage. They are all connected to each other through this impending doom. Each hero brings their own strengths and weaknesses to the fight. My only issue with the show is not so much the premise but specifically with Danny Rand’s character. He is very whiny. He is basically hellbent on revenge for his parents while spouting he is the immortal iron fist and seeking justice. Which I don’t believe he is aware that he is like this. Don’t get me wrong, I think the writers did this on purpose to make a point to give him some growth points and that is fine and all but he gets very old very quickly. Plus everything is all his fault. 

Everyone else fits their roles in the group as they should. Luke Cage is fresh out of prison, Jessica Jones is back on the case and DareDevil is on Jessica’s case. There is plenty of mishaps and misunderstandings to go around. The fight scenes were ok. The transition and progression of the story was a bit slow moving and somewhat predictable in some places. The next season hopefully will be much better and a little less predictability.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Women in tech

Sometimes people who use pseudoscience to confirm what they think is actual fact. I was listening to a radio show today and they were discussing the whole Google incident. And one of their guess who who was the male informed that they have done studies macro studies metadata studies that determined that women cognitively are no different than men when it comes to logic and thinking. So for any man who was stating that this is the only reason why women should not be allowed in the technology field was complete bunk. Now I say all of this to say when I was in high school which I went to Western I had of computer science teacher who was a female I can't remember her name maybe one of my Western Dive know who she is. Who literally encouraged me to go into the technology failed because she said I had the mind for it. I appreciate the fact that that woman gave me that type of encouragement when nobody else thought I should have went into the Technology field for that she was the only person that I had even the counselors were skeptical of me going into technology because of how the field was stacked back then. Even till today it's the same thing. Women have an uphill battle. So I feel as though that being a woman in technology is a great thing I would encourage any other woman or female to do so. Our minds are not limited. I would love to see in the future even now of more women in technology and science in general and for the most part I think going forward that will be what will decrease the pay Gap, increase the number of minorities as well as women in that field itself. #techmesomething

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Too Social

Facebook is now up to 2 billion users. This is the largest and most used social media app reported by Tech Crunch yesterday. Nothing seems to be stopping this giant platform from succeeding in their new mission of positivity. In fact one could say it is actually doing rather well.

So where does that leave all the other social media networks? Well, they are simply not as popular as the trends make them out to be at this time. Are we simply over connected at this point? Perhaps. 

Facebook has been dominating the social network seen for quite some time. There doesn’t seem to be any slowing down at this point.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Awesome Con 2017

Awesome Con 2017 has come and went. 

Awesome Con was hosted in Washington D. C. with quite a few persons of interest on the guest list and nothing short of amazing costumes. 

Many of the panels were full of information on various topics of interest. 

Not to mention, the one and only Stan Lee himself was in attendance. 

There were some brilliant cos-players. 

I won't bore you with all the unnecessary details of the con in itself as you just have to be there to experience the fun. If you haven't yet been to this particular Convention I would definitely Recommend 2018. As Awesome Con grows, the guest list gets better and better. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Stolen Console

Sometimes the most horrendous things happen such as home Bulgaries. We tend to think it won't happen to us but alas it happens. If you have found yourself in this situation there are a couple of things you can do:

At the time of purchase or any time while you have the console:
  • Take pictures of and copy your purchase receipt, the console packaging, and the console itself 
  • Store in a safe place (i.e. Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, send to an email) 
  • Update your home or apartment insurance company with photos 
    • Some insurance requires you to do this at the time of theft. 
    • Some require it before 

After a theft :
  • Make a police report 
    • Do this immediately 
  • They may be able to locate the device if it is online. 
  • Contact your insurance company right away 
    • You may need to supply a police report 
    • If covered it will be easier to replace. 

Although most of the steps If not all should be done immediately this could save you some time and money in the long run. Consoles are cheap but not free, so keep track of that important information.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within is getting a sequel! If you have every played The Evil Within you know this game can get pretty gory and have some scary spots in it. Here is the synopsis of the first game:

While investigating the scene of a gruesome mass murder, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners encounter a mysterious and powerful force. After seeing the slaughter of fellow officers, Sebastian is ambushed and knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he finds himself in a deranged world where hideous creatures wander among the dead.
Facing unimaginable terror, and fighting for survival, Sebastian embarks on a frightening journey to unravel what’s behind this evil force.

While the first game was awesome, The Evil Within 2 should be even better. This is the game from the same makers of ‘Resident Evil’ series Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks. The game is cinematic, the graphics are dark and horrifying, and not to mention the intriguing way to resolve your way out of this maze of death. Similar to the first game, Playing as Sebastian Castellanos are tasked with saving your daughter And of course the only way this will be accomplished is going back into STEM. Easy, right?

The Evil Within 2 Drops in October 2017.

Source: Gamespot

State of Decay 2

I love a good Zombie Apocalypse!!!!!

Source: Gamespot

Far Cry 5: 10 Minutes of New Gameplay - IGN Live: E3 2017

Assassin's Creed Origins first look on Xbox One X

Assassins's Creed always has some of the best cinematography!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

E3 2017

E3 is underway and of course there are certainly going to be some big announcements During this 3 day event. Some we are looking forward to and some I’m sure will be very surprising. To stay breast to everything that is going on this year I will be viewing via Live stream like most people! 

Most of my focus this year will be on PC and console announcements as well as games releases for the consoles. Stay tuned for my picks and favorites from this years E3...

Wonder Woman

I have to say that I am not disappointed in this movie at all! First off this movie had the necessary amount of action that was to be expected from an origin story. Writers Zack Snyder, Allan Heinberg, and Jason Fuchs did great. The direction of Patty Jenkins has by far made this movie one of my favorites by DCEU so far. It hasn’t been an easy ride for DC in the wake of Marvels releases at all. The casting I think was key in the success as much as the writing. Gal Gadot’s first appearance in Batman v. Superman restored my faith in the franchise's ability to scout out the right talent to bring the roles to life. 

Gal first appearance was in the The Fast and the Furious franchise. Her role in this franchise by the way, is not interesting for me. But to be fair i don’t care for the franchise in itself. Gal gave a surprisingly convincing Diana. There haven’t been a slew of Diana’s before her on screen. The only context of reference we have had literally is Lynda Carter. Mind you the 1976 Wonder Woman featuring Carter was definitely one of my favorite TV series from that era. I am absolutely happy with the finished product of this version of Wonder Woman. 

There were some minor changes to the story Which i didn’t think were blatant, too bad or noticeable. Overall, I had a good feeling about the movie with all the previews and trailers. The movie had a bit of everything, her origin story, one particular advisory, and love story. I would recommend seeing this movie if you are a fan of the comic. I would also recommend it if you’re not. The sequel should be promising and hopefully DC will follow this movie up with others just like this. I would hate to see a menagerie of horrid movies to follow.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


MegaCon Orlando has come and went and was definitely a blast. I enjoyed every minute of it. There where tons of events as well as items to purchase. While I was not able to attend although three days, I was able to to attend Saturday and check out the vendors, cosplayers and events. Celebrities like Famke Jannsen best known from X-Men, Hemlock Grove, and Taken. Also a big hit, The infamous Tim Curry known for his role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, IT, and Scary Movie 2 was also in attendance. 

Vendors sold a wide variety of items from T-shirts to Various styles of replica and real weapons. 

Weapons, lots and lots of weapons.

There were many variations of costumes especial Deadpool. (Seriously, any version of Deadpool you wanted to see was probably there. And a lot of Spidey's as well.) 
Don't mind the lady walking by.

With out a doubt, any type of fan you are whether it be comics, any plethora of TV shows and genre's you will find it here

Here are a few of the pictures from the events and Cosplayers:
Coliseum of Comics

Jurrasics Park John Hammond

Replica Batman Suit
Replica Flash and Reverse Flash

Possibly my favorite
Time Travel anyone?

I wouldn't mess with this guy.

Even Stranger things

Test Your Might!

Professional Cos players also running around!

Iron Man
American Horror for you
Panel on Cosplay Makeup

All in all, this event was one of my favorites. I will surely be back!

Friday, May 26, 2017

MegaCon Orlando

Thursday May 25th marks the start of MegaCon. 

MegaCon is a four day event from May 25th to May 28th that touches on quite a few subjects in fandom with a little bit of everything for everyone. You can pretty much get into SCI-FI, Horror, Anime, Video Games and Comics. If you are looking to meet some of your favorites like Stan Lee, Alice Cooper, Ray Park or any score of people, you will do it here. If check out some of the forums, Tabletop or retro arcade gaming, or Just want to hang out this is where it is.

Each year I try to make it to at least one Con. But this year, I am shooting for several. This is the first of a few. 

Since I will not be able to attend all weekend I will be updating all day on Saturday all day!. I'm excited! Stay Tuned. 

Check out my page for on Google+ +Tech Me Something as well as follow me on Twitter @techmesomething and facebook @techmesomthing.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chris Cornell

Today we lost a great musician. He was one of the first rock albums I listened to that I could relate to. He also was one of the best vocalist I have heard in my life time. Soundgarden brought me closer to many of the friends I have today! Seeing various concerts and just rocking out to some good music. Chris Cornell is a legend and will be missed!

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Free comic book day is here!

Check out your local comic book shops! for some of the best reads you can find.

It’s Free Comic book Day!

Each year there is free comic day around the country (probably more often than this). So I load up on all the comics that I love and also grab the ones that the local shops are giving out. Here are some Comics series I recommend reading both digital and printed (If you are fan of digital comics, Comixology has quite a few in there free comic section and Unlimited that you can read your fill of):

Current Reads:

Wonder Woman Earth One
Iron Fist
Ms. Marvel Vol 1.
The Walking Dead
Suicide Squad
Justice League Origin

Some suggestions:

I always try to read some of the odd comics that I don’t hear much about or well not openly discussed. Here are the ones that I enjoyed:

28 Days Later - This is one of my favorite series. I am a fan of the movie and this series of graphic novel did not disappoint.

Bitch Planet - I was a little put off by the title but the main protagonist in this one is definitely worth the read.

HP Lovecraft: The Dunwich Horror - I am always up for a good horror story so this one is par for the course. The dark details are what's most captivating for me.

Drop a comment and Tell me what’s on your top reads list/recommendations

Friday, May 5, 2017

GAME REVIEW: Resident Evil 7

Finally got around to finishing up Resident Evil 7. (I know, I know I'm late. Sorry, the procrastinator in me one this battle.) I played it on several modes (not all modes) just to get the feel of the game and of course get some of the missing items or replay a portion of the game that I felt I performed miserably. To be fair, I died countless times for what seemed like the stupidest reasons.

The game actually starts off similar to a horror movie, some random message from your girlfriend who has been missing for years apparently. You go searching for her and what do you know? You get trapped in a house with a bunch of un-dying crazies trying to keep you there and/or kill you. Playing as Ethan you have to make your way through the house then outside to "freedom" more or less.

Without going into too much detail for those who have not played it, I actually love this style of gaming for Resident Evil. I have played just about all of them and this is one of my favorites as far as game play goes. Let me explain why. 

First, with this Resident Evil you are not able to play in 3rd person, if you really want to see the view from 3rd person check out this Youtube demo. It is 1st person view all the way through. This I have read is to engulf you in the full concept of the horror genre/feel of the game. Not going to lie I jumped a few times, probably had some really bad heart palpitations due to the fact I was working myself up over expectations more or less. But I digress. Secondly, unlike some of the other Resident Evils which were more of an Horror Survival shooters, you can easily say this is Horror Survival Puzzle-Adventure in movie style. There are some guns involved but not an overwhelming amount where it detracts from the main premise of the game. Lastly, within this installment your primary protagonist is a Civilian. Most of the other protagonist have been police or worked/created by Umbrella in some fashion. There is of course the puzzle aspect of the game, figuring out how to escape the maze like house. Some of the clues are pretty obvious to get to your next objective and some or a bit more tricky. 

I do have to say the plot/ending was some what 'Silent Hill' -ish. basically (spoiler if you haven't played it to the end) a creepy infected little girl is trying to kill you for ruining her family, well the family she technically kidnapped. I was honestly thinking this was going to be a full on assault (didn't read any reviews before hand) by Umbrella Corps but no. I was not disappointed in having to fight the creepy hell spawn child. It is more than reminiscent to the previous Resident Evil monsters were they mutate at some point and try to kill you, but whats better than shooting creepy little demon children, right? 

Interestingly enough, you're saved but it it leads to more questions on your savior and what the hell he is doing with the infamous corporation who started this debacle in the first place. Overall, I am definitely going to play this game again. I will be playing the other  DLCs and any other release. Hopefully this will continue in the series versus being an ending to the series. 

Monday, May 1, 2017


May 6th marks free comic book day. Head down to your local comic shop and pick up your favorite comics!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Marvel: Legion: Lets talk about Lenny

Aubrey Plaza's portrayal as Lenny or who we now know as The Shadow King was phenomenal.The Shadow King shows up in a few forms to torment of David (our Protagonist...well pseudo protagonist) through out the first season. Lenny appears in the first episode as a friend in the psych ward with David. At this point we assume that everyone can see Lenny as it appears that people are talking to Lenny. ( The thing is most of the others in the therapy session as well as other scenes in the first episode show up sporadically and in my opinion are his split personalities.)

An event is triggered where David thinks he has killed Lenny by somewhat of a chaotic psychotic event. Shes literally stuck in a wall by the way. But Lenny reappears in his head talking to him and basically warping his mind. At this time they don't have a name for the entity tormenting David until a bit later. By the end of the series we see what Lenny really is.

Viewers questioned whether Lenny was ever real at all.She wasn't, as they hinted to David's Junkie friend as being a dude named Benny. The shadow king presents himself as 'Lenny' for the sake of confusion. I also think The Shadow King David may have astro-projected outside of Davids head.  At this point David is not aware that he actually has more than one person living in his head (Really hope they go into the background on this point as well.). Lenny knows though. Aubrey Plaza was the perfect casting choice for this role. She was the comic relief, with absurdly sketchy motives, and racy characteristics. She was believable in the guise she wore. The first season ends with the supposed defeat/escape of the Shadow King. Plaza pretty much transfers her self from person to person and we assume she hasn't made it out after David and Lenny Collided. Simply not the case but I won't give the ending away for anyone who hasn't seen those episodes just yet.

Granted The Shadow King has many forms (Lenny seems to be a great adaption) and I am sure will no doubt show up in other Marvel Series in the future. (i.e. His Interacting with Storm and Charles Xavier) Or for our sake introduce Our beloved X-men into the series by way of Legion in follow up Seasons but i Digress, that is a conversation for another time. Plaza has my vote for any future roles specifically comic related.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sold Out! House and ISP

Your information can now be sold by your ISP. The House has officially undone rules that keeps your information private. How you say could this happen? Read On:

How the Republicans Sold Your Privacy to Internet Providers

Monday, March 20, 2017


Iron Fist has emerged on Netflix as one of Marvel's latest Comic to Series venture. It has been well anticipated as well as a bit controversial on whether the series would live up to the other series. Many viewers insisted that Iron Fist main character Daniel (Danny) Rand be updated to be represented as a Asian or Asian American descent considering he is a martial arts specialist. And as One who has mastered all martial arts as well as the Iron Fist, you would think it is the way to go. In this live action series of Iron fist, Danny Rand is played by Finn Jones. Jones at first look appears to be a somewhat fitting choice for the character if we are sticking to the 1970s version character.

Personally, Jones acting is a bit rough in the sense its a bit unbelievable at times. The acting is just that, you can tell he is acting. The martial arts scenes aren't as fluid, they are some what slow. This could be due to choreography but again doesn't look/feel authentic. It is always possible that this will improve over the course of the development of the show but it can't said that holding out hope on this one will help.

The first few episodes are slow moving giving glimpses into what happen to the Rand's on their flight and how Danny came back. Iron fist starts out with Danny Returning from K'un-L'un. He immediately goes to his families company to find the Meachum's in charge. Danny interjects himself into the company, things go awry of course because Danny choices to do some good that ultimate leaves the company losing money, not to the liking of his board. He and the Meachums eventually lose their stake in the company. Early on, the introduction of some of the other characters into the series helps the storyline progress to hold your attention. He meets Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) who is running her Dojo in New York. (Colleen by the way has a interesting back story which is lightly touched on.) Colleen helps Danny out he eventually becomes in turn her love interest. She is actually an integral part of the story for this particular retelling of Iron Fist. She is more or less an operative not by choice but unwitting compliance assisting Iron Fist sworn enemies. Not surprisingly our favorite Marvel nurse Claire Temple (played by Rosario Dawson) assist Danny and Colleen on a few missions while fighting alongside the duo. With the introduction Claire, we are bond to see our other favorites such as Misty, Luke and Matt. However that remains to be seen. (I won't be recounting the entire show as it can be watched).

The show doesn't grab your attention right away, there is a lot of dialog which seems to be unnecessary at best and cloudy. Jones' version of Rand also leaves you looking for that fluidity and seamless martial arts display from the main character. When performing some of the fighting scenes, again, the martial arts choreography leaves you searching for more. This version of Danny Rand is lacking in knowledge. Danny studying in K'un L'un would mean he has more knowledge than the average person studying in one martial art. The issue is, he literally knows several if not all martial arts created but doesn't convince you of it in this first season. Jones Rand is outshined by many other factors as well. Supporting characters bring nuances otherwise not afforded to the show otherwise. Eventually this may be corrected by better writing and maybe some further martial arts training for Jones. And here's hoping.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Xbox and Windows 10 Gaming

Gaming on the windows 10 platform has become way easier. Microsoft implemented a great idea with the Xbox Play Anywhere. You can play your Xbox games on your console, PC, or stream from your console to your PC. 

Normally, Steam games are my go to when it comes to PC gaming (Side note: Steam has a ton of free to play games) However, I have not owned a console in a few years so it was vital to have access to all the games I played on the console. While most of the games are not currently available with Play Anywhere the ones that are, are the ones I tend to play.

If you are an Xbox 1 player who also PC games or vice versa, Xbox Play Anywhere may be the way to go. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

The next Wolverine

Who's on your list of Hugh Jackman replacements for future roles of Wolverine?

Looper is exploring the possibility of one of these gentleman picking up the mantel.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


There aren't to many movies that will make you feel what the characters are feeling. Or want to start crying blatantly in the middle of a guy getting his hand chopped off but Logan however is one of those movies. From the very beginning of the movie you feel pity for our lovable bad ass. He is at the end of his life and you can just sense what he is about to endure. Hugh Jackman did a phenomenal Job in creating the best version of wolverine we have seen for the last 17 years. It is going to be very hard topping this. Come to think of it, who would be a great replacement to fill those very large shoes? We will revisit this topic once again when the next X-men reboot is revealed. ( We all know its coming).

The movie starts out with some pretty brutal deaths and dismemberment. Logan is working a job he clearly hates to achieve a goal he will never ever see. The directors allude to some happenings with Charles Xavier and the other X-men who at this point are no longer living (or not in this particular timeframe). With the interest of everyone now peaked, we get a first hand look at all the fuss. X-23 is introduced. They give her back story with as much detail as they can since she is a child. She is much like Wolverine in most senses. She is a bit feral. For most of the movie she doesn't speak which again is true to the form of Marvel for this character. The character development for X-23 was well thought out and well placed.

Not to go to far into detail for those who have not yet enjoyed the movie, but it is a fitting end to Jackman's Wolverine and a beutiful beginning to Dafne Keen's X-23.
In super short, See this movie.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Criminal Show

If you are looking for a great true crime podcast to listen to, check out Criminal Show. The podcast focuses on crimes that have have occurred throughout history. The shows producers explore crimes from the victim, the criminal and witness point of views.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil is always on the top of the buyers list when it comes to games! It doesn't matter what platform you want to use it own. Capcom has done an amazing job once again. Resident Evil 7 is sure to be an award winning game of 2017. The feel of the game takes to a world that is realistic and terrifying. Visually effective in making nightmares into reality.

Play by play update coming soon!